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The minimum to rent a car with Eurocars Car Rentals is years of age depending on car category and held license for a minimum of 1 year. In Rhodes Greece you drive on the right and overtake on the left, and yield right of way to vehicles approaching from the right, except where otherwise indicated. If you are looking for an after dinner treat in Lindos in the form of cocktails, champagne and rooftop views, head to Cozze & Champagne. The Lindos Ice Bar is also with a visit, being Greece’s first ice bar and designed by artists from Canada, it remains at a constant temperature of -6 degrees.

Bed Rock Bar is a famous karaoke and cabaret bar which remains open till the early hours of the morning or Bondi Bar is a R&B/ house music bar with a large drinks menu. With a massive choice from the biggest brands, Enjoy the best way to find the best prices for car hire in Rhodes. There are white, sandy beaches that are a hallmark of a Greek Island, combined with the Turquoise-blue of the ocean.

Compare the offered options, choose the car you prefer, fill the booking request form and send it. New clean car, excellent service no dubious claims of ‘damage’ upon return, petrol half to half so no overpriced refuelling fees. The medieval city of Rhodes is the best attraction on the island.

During the winter months , you will find the cheapest prices, since one of the most attractive features of the island is the beach and the maritime activities. If you are passionate about Greek history and mythology and aren’t too fussed about the beach, then choose these months, as it can save you a lot of money. We guarantee competitive prices and a high level of customer service. margaritis car rental prices in Rhodes vary a lot according to the time of year.

However, Rhodes is a classic stop for cruise ships and therefore there is an abundance of sub-average restaurants to cater the mass of tourists that come in off the ships. This not only means that food in the Old Town tends to be overpriced but also that good food is slightly harder to find. If you want to experience the real essence of Greece at its best, then Rhodes Island will provide you with this and much more! Here, you see a perfect amalgamation of modern versus traditional elements blending and merging in the Greek sunset. I was listed as a no-show and they told me to rent a car with someone else. Car was clean, all the formal things are sorted very quickly.

Choose Kalithea Rent a car and Save money and time.We have clear Car rental conditions with out extra charges. Know what you want when you make the booking. Plan at least somethings you want to do in advance of arriving. Ensure you have the necessary documentation, passport, visas, driving licence and booking details. Rent a car in advance, not on the spur of the moment.

This site was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest and best-preserved medieval city in all of Europe. If you want to travel back in time to the Middle Ages, then this is a must. With the car you are more flexible to see different stuff in one day..

Throughout the city, blue lines marked on the ground indicate that you must pay at a nearby meter and display your ticket, while white lines indicate the parking space is free. Parking in these spaces is not an overly expensive choice at just €1.50 ($1.70 USD) per hour; however, spaces by the harbor are popular during the summertime so try to get in early. The speed limit in urban and residential areas is 50 km/h unless otherwise indicated. On highways and provincial roads, the maximum speed is 80 km/h . Be careful to abide by the speed limits, as police regularly patrol the highways and roads. All cars are conformed against EU car safety regulations.

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