Residential Security Services

To learn more about our service and labor agreement, or to get started on a service plan today, please contact us now. You also want to work with a company that provides excellent customer service, helping you feel at ease when it comes to your security needs. When looking for a residential security system, it is important to consider the reliability and effectiveness of the security company. Make sure the system includes intrusion detection, video surveillance, and access control. Wiring and hardware installation for commercial data networks and to ensure quality image and sound when setting up video conferencing.

For example, some office buildings may have a separate area for executive offices that can only be accessed by employees who have the appropriate level of clearance. Extinguishers are portable devices that can be used to put out small fires. A fire system in a commercial establishment goes a long way to protecting lives and property. By having alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers in place, you can be sure that your business is prepared for the worst. But these systems must be properly installed by a professional company like Rhodes Security Systems to be both functional, reliable, and up to code.

Apart from the exciting features, the degree of security that comes with this system is tremendous. You have complete control over every device in your home, and you can even lock any intruder in until the cops arrive or prevent them from entering at all. Alarm systems, which are often used to monitor residential properties, as they can be set up to notify the owner or the security company if there is an intruder. To discuss security solutions for your organization, please provide the following information. Immediate Incident Responses – We use coordinated monitoring and response services, such as alarm and remote video monitoring, to immediately address any incidents.

Many of Blackbird Security’s most popular services utilize the power of TrackTik technology for real-time reporting. Based on GPS tracking, this app allows our security guards to work smarter, more efficiently, and cover more ground. Via GPS pings, clients can watch the progress of security patrols in real time via an app or live dashboard that also includes critical details like pictures and reports from the field. For over 20 years we’ve been helping a wide range of clients withdiverse security needs, for example event security, concierge security, security guards, bodyguards, security dogs and more.

No automation system will be able to assist you better than on-location security patrols looking out for you in your best interest. If cost is a concern for you, kindly consider the potential costs it would take to repair or replace damaged property and/or other situations which can be prevented by managing a residential security system. Phoenix Group has a close protection security team that are SIA trained and fully prepared for any eventuality that may occur. Residential security involves protecting people and their private property from any threats which may include theft, attacks, trespassing or any threat which may jeopardise the safety of residents. The RST needs to be familiar with the workings of all alarm systems and the layout of the property, specifically the location of emergency exits, the safe room and muster points. Other duties include routine security checks, reporting suspicious activities and incident response.

The perfect residential security solution starts at mapping potential risks, determining the most suitable patrolling arrangement and which duties you need assistance with. We work closely with our clients to develop the best home security solution for each individual, property and neighbourhood. First and foremost, the main responsibility of a residential security team is to protect individuals and their property. This will require security operatives to remain vigilant, observant and be fully equipped to deal with any potential threats. The protection can be from attempted break-ins, unwanted attention from fans or paparazzi, and squatters in vacant properties.

Additionally, the Residential Security Team will substantiate and maintain a check on all visitors to the property with every visitor being logged in on arrival and logged out on departure. Before access to the property is granted, all contractors will have their ID’s checked and if deemed necessary, their bags will be searched. Moreover, all incoming mail deliveries and packages will be inspected and verified prior to being forwarded to their respective recipient. Regularly inspect and check all out buildings ensure they are secure and clear of all security vulnerabilities. Peepholes are often better in the walls than in the doors as the door peep hole give a fairly certain head shot to the potential assassin. It is quite common to install security gates between the ‘sleeping section’ and the rest of the house.

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