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Schools – At two points during the scheme, schools in Surrey will join the scheme to win a share of a pot of funding to help them carry out an environmental project. When schools donations are open, Rethink Rubbish members can donate their points to the school of their choosing. In this book, we look at easy everyday ways children can make sustainable choices. The options provided are accessible to children for an empowering learning experience. All the schools did brilliantly, with Grovelands Primary School topping the leader board. They received an impressive 199,535 points in donations which translated to a cheque for almost £850.

As well as the huge environmental impact, it is costing the industry thousands each year. More considered methods could mean we are saving huge amounts of money by reusing materials. Because the truth is, a large percentage of the things we get rid of could be used again and again – if not recycled for use elsewhere. It’s becoming more and more critical that we look at ways in which we can improve upon disposal methods in order to have a more positive impact on the environment and recycle as much waste material as possible.

We need our recycling rate to improve across all neighbourhoods of Waltham Forest, to make a real difference. For example your bin collection day, councillor details, tree preservation orders or council tax information.

Hundreds of activities were completed which meant thousands of points were donated by members including parents, staff and friends of the school. Once registered, residents will have access to engaging content such as pledges, videos and quizzes, designed to encourage eco lifestyle changes. By taking part, members receive points which can be used to enter competitions for exciting prizes like iPads and TVs, make donations to charities or support local schools. So, not only are you saving money and impacting the environment more positively – but you are beginning a more circular economy of using less, using for longer and using things again. If everyone adopts this way of managing waste in construction, we would see a marked improvement. Manuscripts should be submitted online at by registering and logging in to this website.

Parents who use disposable nappies know how much waste they create but it’s probably more than you actually think. An average baby will use more than 150kg of wood as well as waste a lot of other resources. Some clever people in Scotland decided to make use of this valuable waste and pioneered a nappies-to-roof tiles scheme.

Some of our frontline waste service workers and street cleansers will be on strike from 18 September to 1 October due to a national pay dispute. We are doing everything we can to maintain services during the strike and apologise in advance for the disruption the strike will cause. Tap into Getty Images’ global-scale, data-driven insights and network of over 340,000 creators to create content exclusively for your brand. Join our email list to receive information on our programs, upcoming special events, and cruise and retail promotions.

If you would like any further information or advice on management of site related waste then head over to our website and get in touch. Not only do larger organisations like ourselves need to form new habits, but by pushing this message through wide media and educating the general public – we can create a community who are willing to turn this industry on its head. As fairly universal processes, it doesn’t matter if the project is a simple home renovation or a commercial development, the damage is being done from all sides. This is a greenhouse gas that’s around 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide and hugely damaging to our atmosphere in large quantities.

The aim is to provide a snapshot of some of the most exciting work published in the various research areas of the journal. Feature papers are submitted upon individual invitation or recommendation by the scientific editors and must receive positive feedback from the reviewers. Sustainability is a key component of The Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework.

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