7 Best WordPress cookie plugins for GDPR in 2023

You’ll find the settings to do this by navigating to the Content tab on the Cookiebot website. Next, you can head back to the Cookiebot settings in your WordPress dashboard. Once activated, a new Cookiebot section is added to your WordPress dashboard. You’ll need to navigate to Cookiebot » Settings in your WordPress dashboard to configure the plugin. If you scroll down to the Notice Design section, then you can choose the position, animation, button style, and colors of your cookie consent popup. That being said, let’s take a look at how to easily display a cookie consent popup in WordPress.

Some of them include GDPR, CCPA, OAIC (Australia’s Privacy Principles), etc. WP AutoTerms is a freemium wordpress cookie plugin having both free and paid plans. The free plugin is downloadable from WordPress.org’s plugin directory.

The current legal situation around GPDR & ePrivacy is not completely clear since the corresponding laws only come into force and there are no concrete individual case decisions yet. We will try to keep our plugin up to date with the latest information and try to give you all the tools you need to customize your website. The banner links by default to a page with details on the information we at WordPress.com collect and may store, including an explanation of personalized advertisements. Our team personally recommends Cookie Notice & Compliance or CookieYes, the top contenders on our list. That’s because both of them are the most popular and contain a wide range of features on the free plans. The WP Cookie Consent Notice plugin is freemium with the presence of both free and paid plans.

The cookie policy may be written as a part of the website’s privacy policy. The experience is user-friendly and transparent for both you as a website owner and for your users. Cookiebot CMP is one of the only fully GDPR and ePrivacy directive compliant cookie solutions on the market.

While it’s not as easy to set up as Cookie Notice and won’t work unless you sign up for a free Cookiebot account, it does offer some additional customization options. We recommend using MonsterInsights plus one of the other plugins on our list, such as Cookiebot, to make sure your WordPress website is compliant. That way, you can be sure that tracking is turned off if a user opts out. The two plugins work together to make sure your website is as compliant as possible while still having Google Analytics running. CookieYes integrates with MonsterInsights, so users of both plugins can be sure that MonsterInsights recognizes when a user chooses to opt in or out of tracking. Then, in order to add a cookie acceptance popup, MonsterInsights integrates with the next four cookie plugins and CMPs on our list.

You may quickly obtain visitor consent with a fully customizable cookie consent bar on your website. While there are different templates available, you may find that you have limited options when it comes to positioning the cookie banner. Redirect the users to the privacy or cookie policy page on your website with a direct link from the consent banner. The GDPR plugin provides you with a 100% responsive banner with 4 different layouts, 26 pre-designed templates, and 6 different positions on the viewport. Additionally, the banner shows a comprehensive list of IAB-registered vendors, allowing your website visitors to consent to specific vendors per their preferences.

Its success lies in several factors, although everything can be summarised in its high degree of customization. Hence, you can directly install this plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Or download it from WordPress.org first and then add it to your website. There’s also an Enterprise plan where you can form a custom plan with the features you need.

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